Black Rock Orchard

Black Rock Orchard farmer Emily Zaas, who sells her Carroll County, Md. Grown fruits to restaurants and at the local farmers markets, says reliability paying for and picking up orders on time goes a long way. “I had one chef that ordered [sour cherries] and he didn’t pick them up.

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In June,Microsoftbegan offering two versions of the Xbox One console: One with Kinect included, and one without. Though ostensibly a cost savings, our pricing data indicates that during Black Friday you should be able to pick up the Kinect less version for $350, while the versionwithKinect will only be $20 more, at $370. (That’s 26% off the retail price of $499.) Unless you’re dead set against controlling your games with your gyrations, our advice would be to buy the Kinect included version; paying for a stand alone Kinect later will cost $150 at MSRP.